Easy online credit: which consumer credit is the most accepted?

The ability to compare offers behind your screen now allows you to get easy credit online. We will see the steps to follow to obtain an easy credit, namely an immediate answer in principle favorable to the best APR rate. We will finally and above all see what type of consumer credit is the easiest to obtain.

Easy online credit, how do you go about it?

Easy online credit, how do you go about it?

We talk about easy online credit for several reasons:

  • It is an easy to compare credit, based on the APR rate.
  • The policy response is immediate in most cases.
  • It is a quick credit to obtain once the agreement in principle has been obtained.
  • There is generally no administration fee.

The consumer credit of the main organizations is easier and quicker to obtain than that of a bank or any other player in consumer credit (concessionaire, insurer, etc.). A request only takes 5-10 minutes on average on the internet. The policy response is immediate. It is accompanied by a quick final contract proposal, within 24 to 48 hours on average.

The banks still force them for the vast majority of the time to go through an appointment in an agency, if only to evoke the request. Above all, they generally only reserve their credit offers to their customers. No doubt: easy credit can be found online.

Easy online credit: how to use the comparator?

Easy online credit: how to use the comparator?

Our credit comparator has been designed to allow everyone to obtain immediate advice at the best APR rate, whatever the project. Having the ability to compare offers is the basics of easy online credit research. A luxury that banks or dealers – as part of a car loan search – do not allow.

The APR rate explained

The APR rate (total effective annual rate) must be displayed separately on all credit offers. It is the benchmark for consumer loans. The APR makes it possible to calculate the real cost of a loan. It includes interest and any administrative costs. Under equivalent borrowing conditions (amount / duration), the lowest APR rate always indicates the cheapest credit. Our comparator is based solely on the APR to classify the various easy credit offers online.

Easy online credit: which loan is most often accepted?

Easy online credit: which loan is most often accepted?

There are more flexible types of credits than others in terms of acceptance conditions. Small revolving credit is for example an easy credit without proof of use of money. It also involves fewer supporting documents than a conventional personal loan. Let’s review the types of consumer credit offered on our comparator. We will be able to identify which loan generally corresponds to easy credit online.

Revolving credit, the easiest loan to get?

Any request less than or equal to the 4000 USD credit made on our comparator directs to a revolving credit solution. Revolving credit is the “easiest” credit to obtain. Concretely, it is the one that imposes the least supporting documents. The acceptance conditions are also more flexible than for any other consumer credit. This does not in any way mean that the credit will be accepted without the basic documents (proof of income, identity document, proof of identity). The supporting document generally absent when applying for revolving credit is the tax assessment. However, the organizations reserve the right to request it to consolidate a file.

This easy little online credit works like a cash reserve, which you can draw on at any time. Once the contract has been drawn up and accepted, it is therefore possible to request a transfer at any time, subject to the availability of money. The reserve is constantly replenished, each time an amount is reimbursed. Revolving credit is easy online credit in every sense of the word. The downside concerns the level of its rates, which are generally higher than those of a traditional amortizable loan. It is also an adjustable and not fixed APR rate. This distinction indicates that the APR rate is likely to vary from one use to another. Small revolving credit is easy credit, online or in store. It is actually often offered by major brands, with or without an associated credit card.

The loan without proof of use

Several products on our comparator allow you to obtain a credit without having to justify its use:

  • Personal loan
  • Need money
  • Ready for all projects
  • Easy revolving credit

Personal credit formulas are generally accepted a little less easily than revolving credit. The APR rate is however always fixed, indicating that it can never change over the term of the loan.

Tip: In the event of a personal loan being refused, adding a co-borrower to their request can in some cases tip the decision over to yes. Extending the repayment tenure can also influence the decision, provided the easy online credit rate does not soar.

Car or work credit: proof requested

Our credit comparator includes new (-2 years) or second-hand (+2 years) car loan solutions, as well as the best work loan offers. These two credits have one little thing in common: you generally have to provide proof of purchase to obtain them. This results in an order form in the case of a vehicle, and an invoice or quote for the works credit.

The repurchase of credits

The repurchase of credits is in the court of the consumer credit. Its principle is based on the fact of grouping at least two outstanding loans in a single monthly payment. Each file is very specific, and the solutions proposed depend on several criteria. It is necessary to select “repurchase of credits” on our comparator to obtain an evaluation of the possibilities.

Easy online credit: what to remember

Easy online credit: what to remember

The chances of obtaining easy credit online are based on several criteria, including the profile (personal situation, income, etc.) of the borrower. However, there are some main principles: revolving credit is often easier to obtain than any other consumer credit.

Using a comparator can maximize your chances of getting easy online credit at the best rate. Connected to the best credit organizations, our comparator is able to query all of them in one single request. Our ranking is then based on the best APR rates. The best specialist provides an immediate response automatically, but it is possible to request the next two with a single click. In the event of an accepted request, the organizations provide confirmation by email within 24 hours. Then all that remains is to complete your file online or by mail, depending on the organization.