Not enough money to do fun things?

A third of the Flemish people have too little or no money left to spend on ‘luxury’ things. But more than half of the Flemish people sometimes spend too much on luxury things, so that no money is left over or even in the red at the end of the month. Many Flemish people lack insight into their budgeting. This is the result of a study of “Smarter in money matters” among 850 Flemish people aged 16 and older. The study is today the start of the online campaign “Smarter in money matters”. This campaign offers Blanders a fun way of understanding his or her personal expenses in the area of ​​’new’ or ‘luxury’ expenses. Will it be that Ipad or the last Smartphone, or just a new dress?


“Men like gadgets, and women like new clothes and shopping”

"Men like gadgets, and women like new clothes and shopping"

Of all the ‘luxury’ expenses, going on vacation is the most common expense, followed by brand clothing and going out. Your age and gender appear to be the determining factor. Men like to spend more on gadgets, while 70% of women like to spend on branded clothing. The majority of the research would therefore like to have enough money to be able to buy everything that their heart desires. The majority, however, prefer to save rather than spend everything immediately.


Buy goods that they do not really need

Buy goods that they do not really need

Almost half of the Clemmings often buy goods that they do not really need, and also when shopping, a quarter of the Clemmings get more than they really need. A housekeeping book could help to gain more insight into the expenses. The study shows that a household book is known to most Flemish people, but is still used by too few Flemish people. Only a small part of the Flemish people use a housekeeping book to understand their expenses. Those who use a household bookline indicate that nine out of ten have gained more insight into their spending patterns. Also, the majority of users can now better control their spending.